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3 easy ways to reduce your food waste

Around a third of food globally - over two billion tonnes! - gets wasted when we’re cooking or eating. We can all play our part in reducing avoidable food waste.

Three easy ways to reduce your food waste

Over 90% of Singapore’s food supply is imported, meaning not only is the food itself wasted, but also the energy and water used to grow it elsewhere, and bring it to you.

That's why Singapore created the zero waste initiative in 2019. Read on for our top three tips and some products to help you to manage your day-to-day food waste.

Grow your meal again from scratch

We throw away parts of vegetables which are inedible, but might be ‘regenerative’. You can grow plants from many salad and root vegetables from offcuts.

These can be immersed in water and regrown from their base.


The ugly truth about brown bananas

We make quick decisions based on appearance or texture which might not reflect the nutritional value of the food itself.

Did you know: Bananas are one of the most commonly wasted foods in the world? The process that does this is simple oxidation.


Recap: 3 ways to reduce food waste

As with other sustainable living practices, there are plenty of small ways to play your part.

One of the benefits of buying groceries online at home is that you can quickly check your refrigerator and cupboards to see what you already have.

1. Order what you need

...when you need it and be conscious of what’s ‘in stock’ at home.

2. Reuse, revive and recycle common items

Like bread and rice - by rehydrating, refrying or baking - there are some great recipes on the zero waste website.

3. More food than you need?

Lots of foods can be frozen. You could donate or, closer to home, share leftovers which might spoil with friends or neighbours.

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