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A Singaporean Christmas Feast: Deliveroo data reveals unwavering love for local cuisine during the festive period

Singaporeans continue to be big foodies no matter the occasion or celebration, with more than 60% of them using food delivery services more regularly now, compared to pre-pandemic times*.

As we enter the festive season, Deliveroo dug through its orders from last December to reveal Singaporeans’ festive food ordering habits. The food delivery company’s data shows that Singaporeans crave a fuss-free Christmas celebration, including ordering in for Christmas Eve dinners. Data also shows that residents in Bugis have a notable preference for French food, and Singaporeans’ top supper indulgences during the festive period include local desserts like dry mala and beancurd, along with fast food.

A fuss-free Christmas celebration high on Singaporeans’ priority list

From Deliveroo’s latest data, it is clear that more Singaporeans rely on food delivery services for a fuss-free Christmas celebration. Orders for food items such as cupcakes, brownies, doughnuts and Christmas meals like festive platters ranked among the most ordered during Christmas week and Christmas Day.

Rounding up the top five biggest spend leading up to Christmas are orders for alcoholic beverages, suggesting consumers are turning to food delivery services for at-home Christmas parties and year-end gatherings. Notably, a diner spent over $700 on beverages from a local wine supplier last Christmas.

Deliveroo’s data also showcased that dinner was the most popular time to order in on Christmas Day. This trend signalled that more Singaporeans have opted to order in to enjoy fuss-free festivities with family and friends through food. Dinner on Christmas Eve last year, which fell on a Friday, observed the highest number of orders during Christmas week. With limited-time holiday bundles from almost 200 restaurant partners, foodies were definitely spoilt for choice.

Residents in Bugis stand out for their love for French fare

While residents in most parts of Singapore prefer Chinese cuisine, those staying in Bugis stood out for ordering in French cuisine the most. A likelihood for this trend could be attributed to the area being a popular destination for travellers staying in nearby hotels and a popular district among expatriates.

Besides Chinese cuisine, Western dishes remain popular among foodies, especially those living in the Chinatown and Clarke Quay district and neighbourhoods such as Jurong West, Pasir Ris and Woodlands.

Singaporeans’ top supper indulgences include local delights and popular fast food meals, even during the festive period

Singaporeans’ love for local comfort food and fast food remains unwavering during the festive season, as evidenced by the top late-night orders between 12am and 2am. During last year’s Christmas week, supperholics ordered heartening dishes like dry mala and beancurd and fast food favourites like burgers, chicken nuggets and spaghetti.

Deliveroo Singapore General Manager, Jason Parke said, “As consumers continue to rely on food delivery services to enjoy their favourite meals with family and friends during the festive season, Deliveroo is leading the way, offering consumers the widest choice and selection at the best prices and the best service, all delivered to their front doors when they want it, even if it’s past midnight. From now until the year’s end, consumers can get their hands on their favourite food and beverages with a reduced price on delivery fee of just $1.99**. Our findings reinforce the important role food delivery plays in Singaporeans' lives and reaffirms how food can deliver a sense of happiness and joy as we usher in the year-end festivities.”

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