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Grab your cookie jars! Deliveroo reveals what Singaporeans’ favourite cookies are

  • Good ol’ chocolate chip cookies reign supreme in the hearts of Singaporeans. Truly nothing can beat the classics.

  • Easties residing in Kallang and Geylang are proud cookie fans with the top number of orders across the island - enough to host over a thousand house parties!

  • Edible cookie dough is the new cool kid on the block. More than just cookies, Singaporeans also love munching on cookie dough, particularly from Singapore’s first edible cookie dough shop, DOHKIE.

Calling all sweet tooths! With National Cookie Day (4 December) just around the corner, have you ever wondered what cookie flavour is Singaporeans’ go-to when they crave a sweet snack? Deliveroo, Singapore’s favourite food delivery service, looks into its past cookie orders to trace the crumbs to Singaporeans’ favourite cookie.

Chocolate chip cookies reign supreme in the hearts of Singaporeans. This is no surprise, considering how chocolate has a special place in the hearts of locals. Despite the dizzying array of unique new cookie flavours in recent years, Singaporeans still find themselves reaching out for the classic when the cravings call. Indeed, how can one resist an All Butter Triple Belgian Chocolate Chunk Cookie? This chocolate chip wonder is the most popular cookie ordered from Deliveroo’s on-demand grocery partner, Marks & Spencer.

However, if exciting and innovative cookie flavours are more up your alley, then Whiskdom’s creative offerings, such as Hojicha Lava or Berries and Creme are for you..

East side is the best side when it comes to cookie orders. Easties who live in Kallang and Geylang have been doing way more than accepting the cookies on their web browser. They have also placed enough cookie orders in the past year to host over 1,000 house parties! Time to guard your cookie jars against the Cookie Monsters of the East!

As the weekends come to a close and Monday inches closer, the general consensus is that we all need a sweet treat to tie us over the start of a new week at work or study. Deliveroo data reveals dinner-time on Sunday as the most popular time for cookie orders. There really is nothing better to beat the Sunday Scaries than a warm, crumbly, emotional support cookie.

From independent bakeries like Whiskdom to larger chains such as Famous Amos and Nasty Cookie, Singaporeans are spoilt for choice. The top trending cookie brands on Deliveroo include Famous Amos, Nasty Cookie, Whiskdom, Baker & Cook, Cedele and Marks & Spencer. Singaporeans aren’t just stopping at cookies. They also love munching on cookie dough, particularly from Singapore’s first edible cookie dough shop, DOHKIE - The Edible Cookie Dough Shop.

List of National Cookie Day promotions on Deliveroo:

  • Famous Amos: Free delivery on the first 200 orders of $35 and above (4-11 December)

  • Cedele Bakery Cafe, Cedele Bakery Kitchen, Cedele All Day Dining: Buy any 3 Cedele Christmas cookie boxes and get 10% off all cookie boxes (1-31 December)

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