Indian food delivery in Singapore

Deciding what to order in for your takeaway? Wondering which kind of fantastic cuisine is available in Singapore for delivery right to your door? Indian food is tasty, warming, spicy and comforting. And with so many different flavours and plenty of vegetarian and vegan dishes readily available, it’s certainly a crowd pleaser.

You’re sure to find something that suits your palate when looking for Indian food in Singapore, as there is a breadth of different cuisines on offer. Southern Asian culinary influences thread their way through Indian Singaporean food, with much based on Tamil cuisine, although a lot of dishes from North India have also become very popular over the years. At Deliveroo, we have an amazing range of Indian food available: just place your order, and let us bring your food straight from the restaurant kitchen to your home.

Singapore: A smorgasbord of Indian tastes on offer

Many Indian restaurants in Singapore have made the most of the local Chinese and Malay influences to create fascinating fusion flavours. Try nasi biryani for fragrant taste of saffron rice and meat that’ll make you feel like celebrating - perfect to order for a dinner party or feast with friends. Accompany it with bhajia and flatbread, or rojak salad - a mix of deep fried egg, tofu, potato served with a hot chilli sauce.

Keep flavours local with fish head curry, which is an amalgamation of Indian and Chinese cooking and flavours. Or try Indian mee goreng, a noodle dish with Chinese flavours but prepared in an Indian style with lots of spices, peas, potatoes and minced meats. Or for street-food inspired fine dining, why not pick up a classic, artisan roti prata? You can also find them served with curry or stuffed with cheese, egg or even chocolate.

Don’t forget to order in an Indian beer to wash down your feast, like King Fisher or Cobra. And, if you want to finish off your meal in style, pick up one of the many Indian desserts on offer. Delicious!