Pizza delivery in Singapore

Singapore has a famous love of food, and it keeps its finger on the pulse for lots of different kinds of cuisines. You won’t find just Asian flavours here: there are also loads of Western influenced cuisines that are very popular. All of which is great news if you are hankering after a takeaway pizza in Singapore: the city is full of expert chefs, who know how to make amazing pizza.

Pizza is probably one of the most popular Western food dishes in Singapore, as well as the rest of the world. Choose from traditional Italian pizza with a thin, crispy base cooked in a stone oven, or plump for an American style deep dish pizza pie dripping with oodles of cheese. Whatever you fancy, you can count on Deliveroo to deliver it your pizza, hot and fresh, right to your door in Singapore.

Singapore: Find your piece of perfect pizza

Pizza is an easy-to-eat food that enjoys great popularity, with few people being able to resist a slice of hot, savoury goodness. It originally came from Italy, but regional variations of it exist all around the world. The most obvious change is Americans preferring a thicker base, while some Asian countries give pizza their own twist by covering it in squid, corn, crab or other local delights.

Have a look through Deliveroo’s pizza listings, and you’re bound to find a restaurant that makes the perfect pizza for you. There are artisanal pizzas made by Italian chefs, chewy delights sold by American diners, or even vegetarian and vegan versions of the classic dish. Don’t be afraid to try new toppings on your pizza either - seafood, roast vegetables, cream bases and egg all have their place in pizza paradise.

Plenty of pizza choice in Singapore means that the delicious, restaurant-fresh pieces of pizza are only a short way away. Select your favourite dish from Deliveroo, place your order, and set the table ready for delivery. Who needs to go out when you can get great food brought straight to your door?