Sushi delivery in Singapore

Sushi has been getting more popular over the last 25 years, and its rise in popularity shows no signs of slowing down. Perhaps because it’s generally considered a healthier takeaway option than many others, sushi is a great choice for an evening in at home. As Singapore has such an eclectic cultural heritage and is now a metropolis of business, art, culture as well as food, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of sushi restaurants that do takeaway.

And with Deliveroo, you don’t even have put your shoes on to get some sushi for dinner. Just scroll through our listings for sushi in Singapore, choose your dishes and let Deliveroo do the rest. We’ll bring it straight to you, and help you have a great night in – with the healthiest takeaway that doesn’t compromise on flavour.

Singapore: The home of trendy sushi in the city

Sushi is right up there with the most popular takeaway foods to order in from your favourite restaurant. With its bite-size portions it’s especially good if you have lots of people round for a party or gathering as you’re sure to please even the fussiest of palates. But it’s equally as good on your own, as you can order a great variety of rolls on any budget.

The most well-known kind of sushi involve slices of raw fish, or other equally tasty ingredients, served on top of a ball of vinegared rice. This is nigiri, but it’s far from the only sushi choice available. Sashimi - delicately prepared raw fish - is ideal if you love your seafood, but sushi restaurants are equally good for vegetarians as egg, tofu and fresh vegetables can also be used. Maki and uramaki rolls are a great place to look for veggie sushi options.

Popular fish used in sushi include mackerel, tuna and salmon, as well as some less expected offerings like squid and octopus. But no matter what kind of sushi you’re feeling like, just place your order through Deliveroo and wait for delivery.