Thai food delivery in Singapore

Being in the same peninsula as tropical Thailand, it is no wonder that Singapore serves up some of the best Thai food in the world. Now you can have Thai restaurant food delivered straight to your door and enjoy fine dining without having to get all dressed up. Just take a look at the Deliveroo Thai section for Singapore and enjoy a Thai delivery at home, with restaurant-ready food in your own home.

Whether it’s street food or five star cuisine, Deliveroo will whisk you to the sandy shores of Thailand without you ever having to leave your own house. Order anything from slippery spicy noodles and Tom Yum soup to delicious Thai fried rice, som tam salad, stir-fried rice noodles or classic Thai green curry. Look no further than Deliveroo for a taste of Thailand in your own home.

Singapore:Experience the true taste of Thailand in your home

As delicious as local Singaporean cuisine is, sometimes you want nothing more than a taste of Thailand. Thailand is one of Singapore’s most popular holiday destinations, so Thai food always makes us feel like we’re on holiday, just soaking up the sunshine and listening to the sea lap against the beach.

While Deliveroo can’t promise to deliver the holidays, we can bring a tantalising taste of Thailand to your door. Meat-eaters can dine on delicious chicken, beef and fish curries, while vegetarians will love the tofu and vegetable versions. Try traditional pad Thai noodles, light omelettes, refreshing papaya salads, fried chicken wings, velvety coconut soups, pandan chicken, mango desserts and much more.

A Thai takeaway is perfect for any night of the week, whether it’s a light mid-week supper or as a feast with friends on a Friday night. You don’t even have the hassle of getting all dressed up and searching the city for your dream Thai dish, because you can do it all from the comfort of your home. Soak up the exotic flavours of Bangkok or Phuket, and have a mini-break without leaving the house.