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Chinese food delivery in Singapore

Singapore is an ever-changing city and its culture has been influenced by many different countries. This is shown not only through its architecture, art and culture, but also through the food thats uniquely local.

Justifiably proud of the breadth of cuisine that can be found in Singapore -- everything you could want is readily available in this grand city. If youre after any kind of Asian, Western or fusion cuisine then youll be delighted. And if youre after an old favourite, like Chinese food youll be pleased to hear that there are loads of options to choose from. At Deliveroo, we can make sure you get a Chinese delivery to your door in Singapore – simply order your favourite dishes, and then wait for our speedy service to bring restaurant-quality food straight to you.

Singapore: Where Chinese food finds a new lease of life

Singapores national cuisine shows signs of all the ethnic groups who call this city home. Many of the popular national dishes are based in traditionally Chinese techniques and flavours, which means authentic Chinese food is hugely popular. Its no surprise, then, that takeaway choices are endless, from simple stores all the way through to high-end Chinese restaurants.

Noodles, rice, seafood, meat and vegetables combine to make some beautiful dishes for your enjoyment. Seafood is particularly popular in Singapore, with dishes such seasoned crab proving to be favourites. Moving away from fish, youll find lots of chicken dishes on offer, like Hainanese chicken rice or moo goo gai pan.

The dishes that are commonly regarded as Singaporean Chinese food are based primarily on cuisine brought to Singapore by Southern Chinese people. Rib soup with herbs and spices, or flat rice flour noodles (kway teow) are flavoursome and comforting and there is a lot of love for bak chang, those savoury dumplings made of rice and served in bamboo leaves. Chinese food has never been so easy to eat, thanks to Deliveroo.