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Italian food delivery in Singapore

Singapore is a city of contrasts and mixed heritage, meaning there are many cuisines available that incorporate Asian influences, but also plenty with western influences. Eurasian and fusion food is very popular, with Italian food one of the most loved types of takeaway for delivery in the area.

It’s not surprising as Italian cooking is -- of course -- popular all over the world, with plenty of people loving the comforting flavours of the Mediterranean; the use of fresh ingredients and the variety of meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, cheese and pasta on offer. Whether it’s a traditional thin crust pizza cooked in a stone oven, or a fresh tagliatelle covered in rich sauces and seafood, there is something within Italian cuisine to please pretty much everyone. If you’re looking to order Italian takeaway in Singapore, have a look through our listings and order online.

Singapore: Italian food hugely popular throughout this eclectic city

We’re dreaming of soft, fresh tortellini, dripping in rich tomato ragù and featuring fine quality beef mince. Whether you’re in the mood for pasta and meat sauce, or looking for seafood, a vegetarian or veal dish, you’re going to find the perfect food from our amazing range of restaurants.

Italian food is also great for sharing with friends and family, so it’s a good choice if you’re having a dinner party or gathering. Antipasti is an ideal starter and very shareable, and why not finish it up with a classic tiramisu or restaurant-style panacotta. Delicious!

Pan-fried monk fish, linguine, rotisserie meats, angel hair pasta... the list of fantastic and authentic Italian dishes is almost inexhaustible. Influences of Southern Italy show in seafood dishes, while Tuscan flavours can be found in wild boar, white bean, pulses and vegetable stews. Or you can choose the dish that Italy has made the most famous all over the world –a traditional and yummy pizza. Covered in cheese, tomato, spicy meats or a variety of vegetables, we know your favourite will be there Deliveroo strive to deliver your choice of Italian food straight to your door, so you don’t have to move a muscle!